Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?

Answer: Compressed air is released underneath an embedded or portable diffuser system located on the pool well floor.  The rising bubbles soften the water landing for divers throwing new dives.  The softened water reduces the surface tension and allows the diver to safely enter the water without injuring him/herself.


How much does it cost?

Answer: The cost of the Puslair SoftWater Landing System depends on the number of platforms and the type of platforms (springboard vs. platform).   Pulsair typically costs less then similar systems on the market.


What is included with a Pulsair SoftWater Landing System?

Answer: A typical Pulsair diving bubbler system includes a complete air compressor system, valves & regulators, touchscreen controller, hand-held remote and air diffusers.


How much SCFM does they system consume?

Answer: The number of diving stations, type and injection times all determine the total or maximum SCFM.  The operator has control over the pressure setting from the compressor and the time the injection valve is opened.